Take a deep breath, wear the biggest smile on your face, as you get to meet…….Drumrolls…Peeaarrll!!!..  Fireworks! Angels! wohooooooo! Spectacular, dramatic entrance!!

Lol, I’m just messing around. But for real though, I’m happy to meet you too.
My birth name is Alabi Oluwapelumi Oyinkansolami but I usually adopt just Alabi Oyinkansolami ‘cos you know, Oyinkansolami has honey and wealth in it. Smiles. Oyinkansolami simply means ‘honey in my wealth’ and Oluwapelumi means “God with me” (I love this name because it speaks more of my reality in Christ but it’s kinda personal to me so, Oyinkansola it is.😋

Pearl is the name I adopted from a friend who found it real hard to pronounce my name “Pelumi” and so just stopped at “Pearl”. I thought it was cool so I adopted it for instances where my beautiful native name seems hard to pronounce. 
If you’ve been following my blog, then you should already know I’m a believer, a huge lover of Jesus Christ (I really love that dude, guys.. You gotta meet Him.. He’s super awesome!). I’m a bible scholar and so yeah, I teach quite a bit.

I’m a University Student somewhere on the surface of this earth.I’m really playful. I’m not an extrovert per se but I play a lot. I really dislike sad and sorrowful environments.
I write. I don’t consider myself a poet but I do poetry sometimes, I think I’m kinda good at short stories and flash fictions though.. Or so I’ve heard. So hopefully, I’d be releasing a book soon.
I started this blog to share my veiws as a believer on topics, share teachings, my works and experiences.
i’m not your typical churchgirl but in EVERYWAY a GODGIRL.
I love instrumentals more than songs with lyrics sometimes because it helps me meditate.
Oh, lest I forget, I’m awesomely terrible at dancing! I could wreck havoc with my moves.. sad but true.
That’s basically me. To know more, please follow this blog and join in on my life’s adventure! You’re greatly loved!
You are free to leave your comments, would love to see them.
Alabi Oyinkansola