Pearl 'n' peeps

A Home For Rare Gems

She tried to maintain balance on the saddle of her bicycle as she felt the all too familiar stirring on her insides, causing heat to spread all over her body. With a quick glance at the sky, and adjusting the goods in the basket attached to her bicycle, she paddled faster. She noticed as the people from the market hurriedly locked up their shops, running past her, yet maintaining a distance from her. Apparently even the rush to safety before the priests and worshippers of Aja started their sacrifices was not life threatening enough to cause smiles much less greetings escape their lips to the village outcast; the husband murderer they couldn’t kill simply because they had no evidence. She let out a slow hiss. All these could’ve been avoided if there wasn’t such a commotion at the next village where she bought her goods. Unreasonable villagers couldn’t have their celebrations without blocking the entrances into and out of the village, pure waste of time.
The clouds were getting darker and she could see the moon beginning to disappear to pave way for complete darkness, increasing the stirring on the inside which wasn’t unexpected. She paddled past a group of market women rushing back to their homes, pretending not to notice their awkward silence and snickers as they watched her ride.
“I hope Aja strikes her dead” she heard one of the women curse out and she let out a sad smile. Only if they knew.
The wind began to pick up making howling sounds and she knew she couldn’t hold it in much longer anymore.
“Hush.. just a little bit more” she whispered to herself which came out as more of a plead.
The hairs at the back of her neck stood and her heart picked up its pace as the chants of the priests to Aja from afar off filtered into her ears and she heaved a sigh of relief as she saw the entrance to the forest she had come to call home.
“Just a little further” she whispered as she paddled into the entrance. The trees rustled around her and birds chirped above in welcome to her, as though inspired by the chants of the priests and she let herself sway to the rhythm of them. The dark clouds rolled over unveiling total darkness, a sign it was time and without a second thought, she leaped off her bicycle and released herself to be taken over by the stirring within, the soul of the goddess which had taken its abode in her ever since she was banished into the forest unjustly. She removed her clothes swiftly and watched in ecstasy as she began to disappear into the elements of the forest. The forest welcomed her, She was home, She was free.
“Aja! Goddess of the forest! We come to you” she felt the priests walk into her home with their chants
“AhAh!” She smiled. It was time to dance!

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