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When Bad things happen to good people.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”
This is a question I’m very sure almost all of us must have asked at some point in our lives.
If God is so great and mighty, why does He let shitty things happen to the ones we care about?
Why would he watch a child get raped and do nothing about it?

I choose to just tag it, “Why do bad things happen?”

First off, we should know that God is not responsible for the evil that happens in the world.
Secondly, He does not support evil and He is definitely not happy about evil.

Unfortunately, evil came into this world when man fell in the garden of Eden and the thoughts of man were of wickedness and destruction.
The fall caused a separation between God and man’s Spirit. Man’s spirit died and his actions were inspired by that.

Remember God gave the dominion of the earth to man and He is a God of principles. Even after man fell and became of the devil, He didn’t take away the will of man.
Man still had the choice to do as he willed.

God will not tamper with the will of man or activities on earth except with man’s cooperation or permission.
That’s why even when He wanted to save the world, He came in the form of man -Jesus.

He has provided salvation for us, a new birth and an avenue to grow in the knowledge of Him so that our souls that had been damaged due to the effects of the fall can be renewed in the knowledge of Him to do as He would.
God is good. He does no evil.
He chose to create us in His image; to be good and do no evil.

Evil things still happen because some people are not saved or they have not grown sufficiently in the knowledge of God in Christ. There’s still a lot of death in their souls with corresponding actions.

The same way God’s Spirit ministers good things to our souls is the way people can be influenced by demons to carry out terrible acts.

God doesn’t want evil or destruction… He wants us to be like Him -good.
But then He won’t force us, He’s a gentleman. He won’t break our will, He’s a just God… What He has done, is to create a way out, a way to make us better humans.

When it looks like God is doing nothing concerning a bad situation, it’s because He already did something about it. He can’t change people if they don’t let Him. He won’t interfere if you don’t invite Him, He won’t intervene if you don’t ask Him to.

Evil prevails in the world today because of the nature of death that was gotten after the fall that has reigned over man. That nature can only be changed when a man believes in the finished work of Christ, is saved and a new nature – the one of God is imparted into His Spirit. This nature enables us to do good and be good like our Father God is.

Also, it would be good to note sometimes, mistakes happen, unfortunate events happen… Time and chance happens too..

But God loves us all…💚

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