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Tested and Trusted.

Often times we are skeptical of new things and would rather use an old than take the risk of the new. Some people have wonderfully coined the term ‘the devil you know is better than the Angel you just met’
Nobody wants to be disappointed.
Nobody wants to get hurt.
For those who have been disappointed and hurt in the past, getting things done by themselves or for themselves seem like a safer option to trusting it in the hands of someone else.

This usually plays out in various aspects of our lives, especially in our faith.
It’s hard to trust God when it seems like things would fail or better still not go your way if you trust Him, afterall He did nothing while you were abused, He watched you get cheated, He watched your mother die and said nothing when your house burned down. He seems not to care when bad things happen to good people –

You would rather take revenge than trust God to do His thing because He seems not to be fair.

You would rather stay in that abusive relationship than get out and trust God to get you a better partner because if He can’t change your present partner, what’s the assurance He has worked on the next one?

You would rather trust your instincts and self abilities to carry out projects independent of Him because at least you know what you want and your limits and He seems so far away, He might not understand how serious getting that project done means to you.


I know it’s hard to trust Him some times.. Okay most times, especially when things are not so clear and you don’t understand what He’s doing behind the scenes.
It’s hard to let go of the reins and let Him take the lead, trusting Him to lead you right.
It’s hard to believe he has great plans for you and He’s working on them when it looks like everything is falling apart.

I know.

There’s one thing though, He made a promise of salvation and even though humanly speaking it took a long time, He fulfilled His promise at the perfect time. HE FULFILLED HIS PROMISE. He always does.
He promises He loves you with an everlasting love, You can trust His words.

His word is His integrity, He never says what He won’t do, He won’t do what He hasn’t said.

He says He cares and would take care of you, you can trust that.
He says you’re His treasured masterpiece and He cares about you.. You have to believe that.
He wants to lead you right because He knows what’s best for you, baby believe that.

It might be hard because you can’t physically see Him but remember we do all by faith? Trust Him by faith.. Trust His word, His intention as revealed in scriptures. Trust Him to keep His word.

God is a risk worth taking.

He’s been tested and trusted.

Good morning and a happy new year to you!!
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