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Night Owls gather here, we need to have a meeting.
I think I need to exit this amazing community.

I’m in the lab now and we are quite less busy so I’m in the midst of a heated argument going on between the guys in my group.
You guessed right, Champion’s league. As much as I usually enjoy arguments like that, I really can’t today as my head is filled with thoughts of something else -my bed; the comfy feeling it provides, its ability to accommodate my wonderful self, its promise of looooonnnggg hours of sleep..loooooooooooooonnnnggggg hours of sleep.

See, I’m one of the elite who identify as nocturnal beings, night owls, night crawlers and everything related (I study, pray, and write better at night), however today I long to identify otherwise.
My eyes are so puffy, Channel and Gucci got nothing on the bags I own. I just want to sleep.

Research has shown night owls are often times more intelligent but fgujjkokl fjio#£% (I know it didn’t make sense but my cells are shutting down😪😪😪😪😪)

I worked for the most part of the night, which isn’t unusual for me but the level of sleepiness I’m experiencing now is unusual. I don’t know if it’s my body rebelling against my ways or it’s just a phase triggered by an unknown source.

So how is my Wednesday going? Not too good. How is yours going?
Night owls, got any suggestions? I’m about to fall off my chair😫😫😫


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