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She sank her feet into the damp beach sand and twirled her toes, enjoying the way the sand slipped between them, tickling her. She giggled as she delicately raised her left arm to the sky to form an arch, jewellery gracing them glistening under the crescent moon and shivered slightly as the cold ocean breeze grazed her shoulders, kissing her bare skin laced only by the straps of her silk dress which fell just beneath her knees. She swayed slowly to the left, then to the right to the sound from the rushing waves, humming a melody to it. She gently reached for the hem of her dress as she closed her eyes in anticipation. At the first touch of the waves hitting her feet and enclosing her legs in the sand, she arched her chest forward and leaped out of the sand in a twirl as she let go of her dress letting it swirl in harmony with her dance. She felt a surge of happiness coarse through her as her feet touched the sand again and hummed the melody in her heart louder. She spread out her arms in a familiar fashion, and twisted and turned to the symphony of the ocean and her melody.

He sat a few feet away from her and rested his gaze on her. She looked more beautiful to him everyday. He loved the way her face shone in the moonlit dark, contentment spreading over her features. Her kinky hair sat as a crown on her head as the accessories on then reflected the light. He watched as her dress glided over her form, shimmering as the moonlight danced with her and he felt a warmness in his chest. She skipped to the melody he knew she composed; it carried her essence, soft and rich, exciting yet soothing; he was hearing it for the first time but it resonated in his being like every other she had composed. He watched as she twirled and turned a few more feet further away from him, she had become oblivious of his presence. She loved to dance, especially under the moonlit sky and preferably close to the sea. He took in a deep breath of the ocean air and relaxed to the back, resting on his shoulders as he let his eyes trail her every move and glide. He loved to watch her dance.

She gracefully rested her feet in the sand turning to him in a teasing manner and her heart skipped a beat as she saw the expression on his face. Her eyes met his and she searched them, delving into their depths and was satisfied when she saw love radiating from them. She shifted her gaze briefly, suddenly shy but he caught her gaze again. She walked towards him slowly with all the confidence she could muster, one leg ahead of another, comfortably holding his gaze, satisfied with what his eyes spoke.
He watched her walk towards him spellbound, a glint of mischief in her eyes and his heart picked up its pace. She was beautiful. The beauty of the world paled in comparison to what was before him and everything seemed to be at standstill except her.

“Dance with me” she stretched forth her hand delicately, stopping just in front of him.
He smiled as he sat up, reaching for her hand. Words couldn’t describe the burst of emotions that spread through him as he held her.

She gently pulled him up and gave a sigh of pleasure as his hand went to the small of her back, enveloping her in his arms.
“You’re Beautiful” he whispered into her ears and she shivered in ecstasy.
“Dance with me” she replied.
“Always baby, always.”
“Promise?” She snuggled closer

He pulled back just a little and gazed into her eyes, reading the unspoken fear and questions, he reached for her left palm and gently traced her knuckles with his thumb. Stopping at the fourth finger, he raised it up and smiled as the crystal resting on it sparkled in the dark. He raised it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on it.

“Till death do us part” he replied, spinning her small frame around as he locked his left palm with hers, both metals clanking against each other. Pulling her closer to him, he placed his right palm flat on her belly placed his face close to hers.
“Now, dance with me.” his words travelled on the wings of the ocean breeze, spreading over the waters.
“Always baby, always.”

– Alabi Oyinkansolami

Image credit: google images.

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