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God created man and out of man, woman was fashioned out which is just like how the church was fashioned out of Christ. Men and women were created to exist together and are equally important. The roles of men are as important as women’s and we cannot but appreciate them.

We choose to appreciate our men on international men’s day because often times, they crumble in silence and feign strength at their weakest because society has taught them that masculinity involved suppressing or hiding their emotions and covering up their pain and insecurities under a façade of pride and arrogance.

We appreciate them because we know the good men are trying their best to be good and yet meet societal standards of how men should act. We recognize good men are not appreciated enough as the trend is #allmenarescum, but we know good men exist because we are all human and not everyone is bad.

We say we hear you, we recognize your struggles, we appreciate you.

International men’s day isn’t the only time we do, we do it everyday and we just chose this day to remind you of how awesome you are. Thank you for heading the families in love in Christ, for providing for the family, for supporting your women and protecting your home.

We also want you to know that we pray for you. We pray you strength and grace to be the men Christ fashioned you to be; full of love and compassion and joy.

We love you! Happy International Men’s Day.

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